Our resources include publications by the ECF as well as our partners, from hard-hitting research to technical working papers unpacking policy recommendations for climate action.

Nz2050 Paris
Net-Zero 2050
| 24.05.2018

What delivering the Paris Agreement means for Europe

The roadmap 2050 tool tests possible pathways to net-zero emissions to establish its feasibility. This will help to better understand the systemic impact that different choices may have and to identify some key trade-offs, implications and near-term decisions needed to get to Paris-compatible emission levels.

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Increasing The Share Of Renewables In Turkey’s Power System Executive Summary
Energy systems
| 09.05.2018

Turkey can achieve 40GW renewables in 2026

The SHURA Energy Transition Centre, a newly established energy transition think tank in Turkey, celebrated its opening today and presented its first report, “Increasing the Share of Renewables in Turkey’s Power System: Options for Transmission Expansion and Flexibility”.

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2017 Key Publications

Check here the various key publications of 2017 from Carbon Tracker, the ICCT, E3G and many others.

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Architecture Beauty Buildings Cars 705774
| 20.02.2018

Fuelling Europe’s Future: How the transition from oil strengthens the economy

The ECF and partners launched a new report that aims to quantify the multiple economic and environmental benefits that accrue from a shift towards zero-emission vehicles in Europe.

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