Our resources include publications by the ECF as well as our partners, from hard-hitting research to technical working papers unpacking policy recommendations for climate action.

Net-Zero 2050


Long Term Strategies key to delivering climate ambition

This report presents the findings from the first comprehensive assessment of the 22 long-term strategies (LTSs) of EU Member States available as of March 2022. It is complemented by a briefing that summarises the key findings and recommendations. The analysis…

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| 20.04.2016

Oil Market Futures

The report 'Oil Market Futures' highlights the need for policymakers and investors to start planning for a world with significantly lower oil demand, and consequently lower crude oil prices.

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| 10.02.2016

IPCC AR5 – Climate Everyone’s Business

Together with the Cambridge Judge Business School, we have summarised the latest climate science for the business community, based on the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5). All documents have a Creative Commons License and are free to use. Translations, presentations,…

| 25.11.2015

“En route pour un transport durable” launch

The ECF and partners launched a new report that aims to quantify the multiple economic and environmental benefits that accrue from a shift towards zero-emissions vehicles.

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Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness

The European Climate Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness (i24c), a new initiative aimed at strengthening Europe’s industrial leadership in the new world economy, and headed by Dr Martin Porter, Executive Director i24c and…

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