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| 20.01.2022

New survey shows high support in Europe for energy efficient homes

A survey conducted by YouGov in four European countries finds extensive public support for new regulations to increase energy savings in homes. Commissioned by the European Climate Foundation, this polling reveals that people in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and…

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Energy systems
| 20.10.2021

Europeans support new wind and solar projects in their local area

New YouGov polling commissioned by the European Climate Foundation has revealed massive public support for new wind and solar power projects. Previous polling has consistently shown wide public support for wind and solar, but this new data underlines that Europeans…

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| 07.07.2021

A Clean Covid-19 Recovery: The Global Opportunity for G20 Leadership

The world understands that a green recovery can deliver large-scale job creation in the near term and contribute significantly to much-needed decarbonisation efforts. In this context, the consultancy EY-Parthenon, with the support of the ECF, has compiled a report with…

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Net-Zero 2050
| 06.07.2021

Measuring Progress towards Climate Neutrality

How net zero indicators can improve planning and reporting in EU climate policy Achieving climate neutrality requires structural changes to our economic system, with solutions that work across sectors. Correspondingly, measuring progress and designing policy towards the EU’s net zero…

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