Our resources include publications by the ECF as well as our partners, from hard-hitting research to technical working papers unpacking policy recommendations for climate action.

Trucks 2
| 06.09.2018

Trucking into a greener future

A pathway towards zero carbon road freight would cut oil imports by 1bn barrels of oil equivalent by 2030, would strengthen GDP and would create around 120,000 net additional jobs across the economy.

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Time Lapse Photography Of Vehicles On Road 2954606
| 10.07.2018

Fuelling Spain’s Future: How to boost the economy while leaving carbon behind

The report, compiled by Cambridge Econometrics and Element Energy, set out to evaluate the impact that the transition to low-carbon emission vehicles would have on the Spanish economy, highlighting the challenges and opportunities involved.

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Industry & InnovationNet-Zero 2050
| 20.06.2018

Launch of the Industrial Transformation 2050 Initiative

The European Climate Foundation launches today its new flagship project Industrial Transformation 2050. Together with industry and other stakeholders, the initiative aims to co-develop a credible and feasible industry roadmap that is in line with the Paris Agreement, as well…

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Aerial Photo Of Buildings And Roads 681335
Industry & Innovation
| 05.06.2018

The circular economy – a powerful force for climate mitigation

Conducted by Material Economics and commissioned by Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and the European Climate Foundation, this report investigates how a more circular economy can contribute to cutting CO2 emissions. It explores a broad range of opportunities for the four largest materials in…

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