Paving the way for a net-zero world

The European Climate Foundation is dedicated to responding to the global climate crisis by creating a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions society. We harness the power of effective philanthropy to support the climate community in shaping public debate and forging bold solutions. Together with hundreds of partner organisations, we are at the forefront of a global movement to ensure a liveable planet for future generations.

Leading the change for more than 10 years

Climate change is the defining challenge of our time, and we are already feeling its impact around the globe. The ECF was founded in 2008 by philanthropists to develop solutions and activate political engagement and public consciousness around this global emergency. Europe’s history as a climate leader, its robust democracy and huge single market makes it the ideal place to scale new global solutions. For the last 10 years, the ECF has been a galvanising force in promoting Europe’s climate leadership. Today, we form a network of more than 700 organisations working strategically define and drive the policy in Europe needed for a net-zero world. In 2015, we celebrated a major breakthrough for climate action with the adoption of the Paris Agreement. Making the promise of this unprecedented global consensus a reality will require not only well-designed laws and policies but also strong political engagement on the back of broad societal support.

This is our moment

The climate crisis affects everybody. That’s why we need all of society on board to face it. The ECF network is moving with urgency to push for an ambitious whole-economy transition in Europe to avoid catastrophic levels of climate change. We must make the social case for a net-zero greenhouse gas society that is more fair, inclusive and healthy. Addressing the climate crisis provides a great opportunity for innovation and economic growth. With our partners we are working with political actors, business and civil society to make Europe a pioneer in the energy transition. Our greatest challenge is changing perceptions to break down the political and social barriers to the necessary solutions to the crisis. Our greatest strength is our ability to align and work with a wide array of actors to converge around our common goal of a sustainable future and better lives.

Effective philanthropy

Through our network of grantees and funders, we put philanthropy to work in a way that maximises our impact on climate goals. The ECF’s institutional strengths and flexible funding allow it to act both as a steady partner and a nimble innovator. To effect lasting change, it is also essential that we coordinate our efforts beyond our borders. The ECF is part of a highly supportive global network to stimulate climate-related policy work worldwide. We work alongside the Energy Foundation in the United States, the Energy Foundation China, Iniciativa Climatica de Mexico, Instituto Clima e Sociedade in Brazil, the  Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation in India and the ClimateWorks Foundation to align the objectives of the climate community and beyond. Evolving together allows us to jointly confront the new challenges we face and expands our capacity for reactivity, resilience and mobilisation at scale.