Our resources include publications by the ECF as well as our partners, from hard-hitting research analysis to technical working papers unpacking policy recommendations for climate action.

Net-Zero 2050


Long Term Strategies key to delivering climate ambition

This report presents the findings from the first comprehensive assessment of the 22 long-term strategies (LTSs) of EU Member States available as of March 2022. It is complemented by a briefing that summarises the key findings and recommendations. The analysis…

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Net-Zero 2050
| 06.07.2021

Measuring Progress towards Climate Neutrality

How net zero indicators can improve planning and reporting in EU climate policy Achieving climate neutrality requires structural changes to our economic system, with solutions that work across sectors. Correspondingly, measuring progress and designing policy towards the EU’s net zero…

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Net-Zero 2050
| 09.07.2020

Bringing Buildings on Track to Reach Zero-Carbon by 2050

A net-zero economy by 2050 in the EU requires bold action across all sectors, and in none more than buildings. The building sector is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. In its long-term strategy…

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| 01.07.2020

Impacts of extending the ETS to transport and buildings

The European Commission has been consulting the public about whether to extend the Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) to include road transport and the heating of buildings. The ECF supported an analysis by Cambridge Econometrics into the implications of such…

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Net-Zero 2050
| 11.05.2020

The EU Climate Law: Holding the EU accountable for delivering on the Paris Agreement

On 19 March 2020, Ecologic Institute and the ECF organised a webinar on the EU Climate Law. The event was the first public opportunity to exchange views on the European Commission’s proposal, with evidence and insight from experts and policy-makers. Watch the recording here.

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Nz2050 Climate Law
Net-Zero 2050
| 04.02.2020

Climate laws: frameworks to help governments become climate neutral

A new study by Ecologic Institute analyses the national climate laws in European countries and identifies a set of common elements and good practices that can inform national climate laws and the debate on an EU climate law.

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Energy systems
| 06.11.2019

Advocating with industry for the transition towards electrification in the EU

The ECF collaborated with eight industry bodies to form the Electrification Alliance, launching their release of a joint declaration at their inaugural event on 6 November in Brussels, Belgium. The declaration calls on EU policymakers to accelerate the uptake of…

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Nz2050 Ndcp
Net-Zero 2050
| 30.05.2019

EU countries still have a chance to improve their climate plans

National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) represent an opportunity for EU Member States to chart their next steps on the road to a climate-secure future and to reap the economic and social benefits which come with that.

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Nz2050 Industry
Industry & InnovationNet-Zero 2050
| 25.04.2019

Multiple pathways can take EU industries to a clean and prosperous future

Achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 for European energy-intensive industries is within reach and multiple pathways can get them there.

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People Voting In Booths

Majority of voters want political parties to tackle global warming

A new Ipsos MORI survey released on 16 April 2019 reveals that 77% of potential voters across 11 European countries identify global warming as an important criteria when deciding who to vote for in the May European elections.

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Nz2050 Fossil Free
Energy systemsNet-Zero 2050
| 14.03.2019

Fossil-free energy systems in Europe are feasible by 2050

Building the infrastructure to decarbonise the EU’s energy system by 2050 through large amounts of green gas is projected to be up to 36% more expensive than through energy efficiency and smart electrification, even in European countries with a cold climate, according to the report “Towards fossil-free energy in 2050”.

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Nz2050 Agriculture
Land useNet-Zero 2050
| 28.02.2019

Possible pathways for low-GHG EU agriculture

Agriculture along with other rural land-using sectors, is unique in its ability to both reduce its own emissions, but also increase carbon removals from the atmosphere, and contribute to emission reductions in other sectors through the substitution of carbon intensive materials and energy.

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Nz2050 Innovation
Industry & InnovationNet-Zero 2050
| 19.11.2018

Innovation can help deliver EU competitive climate leadership

A new report, “Funding Innovation to Deliver EU Competitive Climate Leadership”, led by Climate Strategy and supported by the European Climate Foundation, reveals that Europe’s current climate-related R&I investments are unfit to meet the net-zero challenge.

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Nz2050 From Wether To How
Net-Zero 2050
| 25.09.2018

A net-zero emission European society is within reach but getting there starts today

Europe can reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at the latest. Not only is it technically possible: a net-zero future is likely to be very desirable, with a prosperous economy, a more resilient society, and higher levels of wellbeing.

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Trucks 2
| 06.09.2018

Trucking into a greener future

A pathway towards zero carbon road freight would cut oil imports by 1bn barrels of oil equivalent by 2030, would strengthen GDP and would create around 120,000 net additional jobs across the economy.

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Industry & InnovationNet-Zero 2050
| 20.06.2018

Launch of the Industrial Transformation 2050 Initiative

The European Climate Foundation launches today its new flagship project Industrial Transformation 2050. Together with industry and other stakeholders, the initiative aims to co-develop a credible and feasible industry roadmap that is in line with the Paris Agreement, as well…

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Aerial Photo Of Buildings And Roads 681335
Industry & Innovation
| 05.06.2018

The circular economy – a powerful force for climate mitigation

Conducted by Material Economics and commissioned by Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and the European Climate Foundation, this report investigates how a more circular economy can contribute to cutting CO2 emissions. It explores a broad range of opportunities for the four largest materials in…

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Nz2050 Paris
Net-Zero 2050
| 24.05.2018

What delivering the Paris Agreement means for Europe

The roadmap 2050 tool tests possible pathways to net-zero emissions to establish its feasibility. This will help to better understand the systemic impact that different choices may have and to identify some key trade-offs, implications and near-term decisions needed to get to Paris-compatible emission levels.

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Architecture Beauty Buildings Cars 705774
| 20.02.2018

Fuelling Europe’s Future: How the transition from oil strengthens the economy

The ECF and partners launched a new report that aims to quantify the multiple economic and environmental benefits that accrue from a shift towards zero-emission vehicles in Europe.

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Ev Cars B
| 25.01.2018

New French study reveals hidden potential of electric vehicles

In France, battery electric vehicles cause 2 to 3 times less global warming pollution than diesel and petrol vehicles over their whole life cycle, reveals a new study released today by the ECF together with French institutional actors.

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| 20.04.2016

Oil Market Futures

The report 'Oil Market Futures' highlights the need for policymakers and investors to start planning for a world with significantly lower oil demand, and consequently lower crude oil prices.

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Long Term Strategies & Laws
| 01.07.2014

Green Growth: Lessons from Country Experiences

The ‘Green Growth in Practice: Lessons from Country Experiences’ report is the first comprehensive global assessment of lessons and good practices in green growth planning.

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Biofuel Image
Energy systems
| 26.02.2014

High Potential Seen for Waste-Based Biofuels

Europe has a significant untapped potential for converting wastes from farming, forestry, industry and households to advanced low-carbon biofuels, but only if it sets a strong sustainability framework and ambitious decarbonisation targets for transport fuels in 2030, finds a new…

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| 30.06.2013

An Economic Assessment of Low Carbon Vehicles

Europe could enhance its growth prospects and create additional employment through innovation to improve vehicle efficiency, according to analysis by Cambridge Econometrics and Ricardo-AEA: "Fuelling Europe’s Future".

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