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ECF annual report 2016: Embracing tipping points


We are delighted to share with you the ECF Annual Report for 2016. This report captures a few of the highlights of a busy year for the European Climate Foundation and the achievements that were possible thanks to the strong network of diverse partners with which we work.

2016 was a year of challenges and change. Together with its partners, the ECF worked hard to follow up on the success of the Paris Agreement and to ensure that Europe continued to play a leading role in turning the commitments of Paris into action. Paris was just the first step in a global response to climate change; now the opportunity for Europe and its leaders is to create an inspiring vision for the deep changes that will be needed at every level of society to avoid the worst consequences of global warming. At a time of political uncertainty and populism, tackling climate change and creating a sustainable energy system has become a vital political project for Europe and our work together reflects that reality.

Please find the PDF version below.

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