From reports presenting hard-hitting research analysis, to technical working papers unpacking policy recommendations for climate action; our resources cover all publications by the ECF and our partnersspanning every programme. 



A Socially-Just EU Renovation Wave

Home renovation and clean heating will include low-income households in the energy transition The European Green Deal can bring down lowest-income household energy bills by at least one-third in the medium to long term with home renovation and a switch…

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BuildingsEnergy systems
| 14.03.2022

Renovating and electrifying buildings strengthens Europe’s economy and energy security

Europe will need to change the way it heats and cools homes to avert a climate crisis and reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. At the moment, energy-inefficient buildings are not renovated fast enough and Europe meets the majority of…

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| 01.02.2022

Airlines, NGOs Unite Behind Push for Clean Jet Fuels in Europe

Airlines, pilots and environmental groups are teaming up for the first time to support a European Union plan for big increases in climate-friendly jet fuels. Four major carriers – Air France-KLM, easyJet, Ryanair and Deutsche Post DHL Group – have…

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New survey shows high support in Europe for energy efficient homes

A survey conducted by YouGov in four European countries finds extensive public support for new regulations to increase energy savings in homes. Commissioned by the European Climate Foundation, this polling reveals that people in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and…

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vivint solar 9calgksrzb8 unsplash

Europeans support new wind and solar projects in their local area

New YouGov polling commissioned by the European Climate Foundation has revealed massive public support for new wind and solar power projects. Previous polling has consistently shown wide public support for wind and solar, but this new data underlines that Europeans…

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A Clean Covid-19 Recovery: The Global Opportunity for G20 Leadership

The world understands that a green recovery can deliver large-scale job creation in the near term and contribute significantly to much-needed decarbonisation efforts. In this context, the consultancy EY-Parthenon, with the support of the ECF, has compiled a report with…

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Net-Zero 2050
| 06.07.2021

Measuring Progress towards Climate Neutrality

How net zero indicators can improve planning and reporting in EU climate policy Achieving climate neutrality requires structural changes to our economic system, with solutions that work across sectors. Correspondingly, measuring progress and designing policy towards the EU’s net zero…

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Land use
| 14.01.2021

Emissions impacts of burning wood for heat and power

Statement on the work of Forest Research (2018) With more ambitious EU emissions and renewable energy targets being legislated for in 2021 and the re-opening of the Renewable Energy Directive 2018/2001 (RED II), the European Climate Foundation (ECF) sees an…

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Steve Halama Kqccki9oi1y Unsplash
| 13.01.2021

Aviation sector and NGOs agree on sustainability of future fuels

Given that EU leaders have committed to achieving a net-zero-carbon economy by 2050, there is a growing focus on how to accelerate the transition towards climate-neutral aviation. As the European Union is about to unveil new targets for sustainable aviation…

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Beautiful Young Family. Bare Feet Of Mother, Father And Daughter.
Net-Zero 2050
| 09.07.2020

Bringing Buildings on Track to Reach Zero-Carbon by 2050

A net-zero economy by 2050 in the EU requires bold action across all sectors, and in none more than buildings. The building sector is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. In its long-term strategy…

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Photo 1527815733652 66e7a48899e8
| 01.07.2020

Impacts of extending the ETS to transport and buildings

The European Commission has been consulting the public about whether to extend the Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) to include road transport and the heating of buildings. The ECF supported an analysis by Cambridge Econometrics into the implications of such…

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Annual report
| 30.06.2020

ECF annual report 2019: Empowering climate action

The fight against climate change is a race against time and the clock is ticking. We cannot go back and erase the tracks that led us to where we are today, but we can start changing the course that lies…

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2019 Key Publications

List of key publications by ECF’s network during 2019. Read the rest of the publications in our Resources section.

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Net-Zero 2050
| 11.05.2020

The EU Climate Law: Holding the EU accountable for delivering on the Paris Agreement

On 19 March 2020, Ecologic Institute and the ECF organised a webinar on the EU Climate Law. The event was the first public opportunity to exchange views on the European Commission’s proposal, with evidence and insight from experts and policy-makers. Watch the recording here.

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Nz2050 Climate Law
Net-Zero 2050
| 04.02.2020

Climate laws: frameworks to help governments become climate neutral

A new study by Ecologic Institute analyses the national climate laws in European countries and identifies a set of common elements and good practices that can inform national climate laws and the debate on an EU climate law.

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Ea Image
Energy systems
| 06.11.2019

Advocating with industry for the transition towards electrification in the EU

The ECF collaborated with eight industry bodies to form the Electrification Alliance, launching their release of a joint declaration at their inaugural event on 6 November in Brussels, Belgium. The declaration calls on EU policymakers to accelerate the uptake of…

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Nz2050 Ndcp
Net-Zero 2050
| 30.05.2019

EU countries still have a chance to improve their climate plans

National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) represent an opportunity for EU Member States to chart their next steps on the road to a climate-secure future and to reap the economic and social benefits which come with that.

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Annual report
| 23.05.2019

ECF annual report 2018: Climate solutions for the people

Thanks to the support of its funders, the ECF, as a convenor, a grant maker and an operating foundation, has been central to the strengthening of the climate advocacy community and in building an inclusive, evidence-based policy debate in Brussels and across Europe.

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Nz2050 Industry
Industry & InnovationNet-Zero 2050
| 25.04.2019

Multiple pathways can take EU industries to a clean and prosperous future

Achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 for European energy-intensive industries is within reach and multiple pathways can get them there.

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People Voting In Booths

Majority of voters want political parties to tackle global warming

A new Ipsos MORI survey released on 16 April 2019 reveals that 77% of potential voters across 11 European countries identify global warming as an important criteria when deciding who to vote for in the May European elections.

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Nz2050 Fossil Free
Energy systemsNet-Zero 2050
| 14.03.2019

Fossil-free energy systems in Europe are feasible by 2050

Building the infrastructure to decarbonise the EU’s energy system by 2050 through large amounts of green gas is projected to be up to 36% more expensive than through energy efficiency and smart electrification, even in European countries with a cold climate, according to the report “Towards fossil-free energy in 2050”.

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Family Sits On Table Inside Kitchen 3171153
| 12.03.2019

European citizens willing to renovate their home but held back by investments to be made

European citizens would be willing to carry out energy renovation in their homes in order to increase their thermal comfort, pay less in energy bills and improve their quality of living. However, most of them are held back by the perceived financial investments to be made as well as by the hassle of organising the renovation works.

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Nz2050 Agriculture
Land useNet-Zero 2050
| 28.02.2019

Possible pathways for low-GHG EU agriculture

Agriculture along with other rural land-using sectors, is unique in its ability to both reduce its own emissions, but also increase carbon removals from the atmosphere, and contribute to emission reductions in other sectors through the substitution of carbon intensive materials and energy.

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Nz2050 Innovation
Industry & InnovationNet-Zero 2050
| 19.11.2018

Innovation can help deliver EU competitive climate leadership

A new report, “Funding Innovation to Deliver EU Competitive Climate Leadership”, led by Climate Strategy and supported by the European Climate Foundation, reveals that Europe’s current climate-related R&I investments are unfit to meet the net-zero challenge.

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Italy Square
| 27.09.2018

Fuelling Italy’s Future: How the transition to low-carbon mobility strengthens the economy

Italy could boost its economy and create 19,225 net additional jobs in 2030 through the transition from a mobility system fuelled with imported oil and diesel to one that is driven by domestically produced renewable energy.

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Nz2050 From Wether To How
Net-Zero 2050
| 25.09.2018

A net-zero emission European society is within reach but getting there starts today

Europe can reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at the latest. Not only is it technically possible: a net-zero future is likely to be very desirable, with a prosperous economy, a more resilient society, and higher levels of wellbeing.

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Trucks 2
| 06.09.2018

Trucking into a greener future

A pathway towards zero carbon road freight would cut oil imports by 1bn barrels of oil equivalent by 2030, would strengthen GDP and would create around 120,000 net additional jobs across the economy.

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Time Lapse Photography Of Vehicles On Road 2954606
| 10.07.2018

Fuelling Spain’s Future: How to boost the economy while leaving carbon behind

The report, compiled by Cambridge Econometrics and Element Energy, set out to evaluate the impact that the transition to low-carbon emission vehicles would have on the Spanish economy, highlighting the challenges and opportunities involved.

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Industry & InnovationNet-Zero 2050
| 20.06.2018

Launch of the Industrial Transformation 2050 Initiative

The European Climate Foundation launches today its new flagship project Industrial Transformation 2050. Together with industry and other stakeholders, the initiative aims to co-develop a credible and feasible industry roadmap that is in line with the Paris Agreement, as well…

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Aerial Photo Of Buildings And Roads 681335
Industry & Innovation
| 05.06.2018

The circular economy – a powerful force for climate mitigation

Conducted by Material Economics and commissioned by Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and the European Climate Foundation, this report investigates how a more circular economy can contribute to cutting CO2 emissions. It explores a broad range of opportunities for the four largest materials in…

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Nz2050 Paris
Net-Zero 2050
| 24.05.2018

What delivering the Paris Agreement means for Europe

The roadmap 2050 tool tests possible pathways to net-zero emissions to establish its feasibility. This will help to better understand the systemic impact that different choices may have and to identify some key trade-offs, implications and near-term decisions needed to get to Paris-compatible emission levels.

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Increasing The Share Of Renewables In Turkey’s Power System Executive Summary
Energy systems
| 09.05.2018

Turkey can achieve 40GW renewables in 2026

The SHURA Energy Transition Centre, a newly established energy transition think tank in Turkey, celebrated its opening today and presented its first report, “Increasing the Share of Renewables in Turkey’s Power System: Options for Transmission Expansion and Flexibility”.

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2017 Key Publications

Check here the various key publications of 2017 from Carbon Tracker, the ICCT, E3G and many others.

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Architecture Beauty Buildings Cars 705774
| 20.02.2018

Fuelling Europe’s Future: How the transition from oil strengthens the economy

The ECF and partners launched a new report that aims to quantify the multiple economic and environmental benefits that accrue from a shift towards zero-emission vehicles in Europe.

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Ev Cars B
| 25.01.2018

New French study reveals hidden potential of electric vehicles

In France, battery electric vehicles cause 2 to 3 times less global warming pollution than diesel and petrol vehicles over their whole life cycle, reveals a new study released today by the ECF together with French institutional actors.

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Annual report
| 01.01.2018

ECF annual report 2017: 10 Years Promoting Europe’s Climate Leadership

In 2017, the ECF set a new strategic course that will enable us to leverage the organisation’s proven ability to advance sound technical and policy advice into shaping the political narrative.

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12.10.1017 Low Carbon Cars In Germany
| 12.10.2017

Low-carbon mobility will create both challenges and opportunities

Reducing the climate impact of cars in Germany can be achieved while boosting jobs and growth, but several important challenges must be overcome along the path to this objective, according to a new report launched by the ECF on October 12th.

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Annual report
| 06.04.2017

ECF annual report 2016: Embracing tipping points

2016 was a year of challenges and change. Together with its partners, the ECF worked hard to follow up on the success of the Paris Agreement and to ensure that Europe continued to play a leading role in turning the commitments of Paris into action.

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E.mobility Video
| 28.03.2017

Electro-Mobility Platform

The Electro-Mobility Platform launched a video made with support of the European Climate Foundation, bringing together much of the evidence base of the multiple co-benefits of e-mobility.

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Annual report
| 24.05.2016

ECF annual report 2015

The report showcases the contributions the ECF made in close collaboration with a strong network of diverse partners throughout a year crowned with the successful Agreement in Paris. It is accompanied by a collection of essays focusing on key issue areas the ECF has engaged in.

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| 20.04.2016

Oil Market Futures

The report 'Oil Market Futures' highlights the need for policymakers and investors to start planning for a world with significantly lower oil demand, and consequently lower crude oil prices.

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| 10.02.2016

IPCC AR5 – Climate Everyone’s Business

Together with the Cambridge Judge Business School, we have summarised the latest climate science for the business community, based on the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5). All documents have a Creative Commons License and are free to use. Translations, presentations,…

| 25.11.2015

“En route pour un transport durable” launch

The ECF and partners launched a new report that aims to quantify the multiple economic and environmental benefits that accrue from a shift towards zero-emissions vehicles.

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Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness

The European Climate Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness (i24c), a new initiative aimed at strengthening Europe’s industrial leadership in the new world economy, and headed by Dr Martin Porter, Executive Director i24c and…

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Annual report
| 20.04.2015

ECF annual report 2014

The annual report outlines the initiatives we undertook this past year to advance the transition to a low-carbon society. In collaboration with a large and diverse group of partners, the ECF contributed to important milestones in the transition at both the European and Member State levels.

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Long Term Strategies & Laws
| 01.07.2014

Green Growth: Lessons from Country Experiences

The ‘Green Growth in Practice: Lessons from Country Experiences’ report is the first comprehensive global assessment of lessons and good practices in green growth planning.

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Annual report
| 09.04.2014

ECF annual report 2013

The report highlights the significant contributions made by the transport, energy efficiency, and power programme, the impact at both the European Union and Member-State level, and our increasing emphasis on initiatives that cut across traditional venues in order to address long-standing barriers to change.

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Europe’s Low-Carbon Transition: Understanding the Chemicals Sector

Is there a way for Europe to increase its competitiveness, while at the same time reducing its greenhouse gas emissions?  This is the key question that the European Climate Foundation asks in a study looking at the relationship between emissions…

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Biofuel Image
Energy systems
| 26.02.2014

High Potential Seen for Waste-Based Biofuels

Europe has a significant untapped potential for converting wastes from farming, forestry, industry and households to advanced low-carbon biofuels, but only if it sets a strong sustainability framework and ambitious decarbonisation targets for transport fuels in 2030, finds a new…

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Distilling the Business Implications of Climate Change

The Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) contains a wealth of information on the projected impact of climate change on business operations.

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Screenshot 2020 02 26 At 14.37.12
| 30.06.2013

An Economic Assessment of Low Carbon Vehicles

Europe could enhance its growth prospects and create additional employment through innovation to improve vehicle efficiency, according to analysis by Cambridge Econometrics and Ricardo-AEA: "Fuelling Europe’s Future".

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Annual report
| 18.02.2013

ECF annual report 2012

The report provides an overview of ECF’s role and strategy, summarises accomplishments in each programme area over the past year, and features spotlights on activities in various programmes and geographies. It also includes an interview with COO Mayta Villafane about his vision for the ECF as a learning organisation.

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Annual report
| 12.04.2012

ECF annual report 2011

The ECF annual report for 2011 includes a description of the ECF’s objectives, role, and strategy; a list of grantees; reviews of the year’s programme activities; and spotlights on Power Perspectives 2030 and the Durban Climate Change Summit (COP 17).

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