Our resources include publications by the ECF as well as our partners, from hard-hitting research to technical working papers unpacking policy recommendations for climate action.

Nz2050 Ndcp
Net-Zero 2050
| 30.05.2019

EU countries still have a chance to improve their climate plans

National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) represent an opportunity for EU Member States to chart their next steps on the road to a climate-secure future and to reap the economic and social benefits which come with that.

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Annual report
| 23.05.2019

ECF annual report 2018: Climate solutions for the people

Thanks to the support of its funders, the ECF, as a convenor, a grant maker and an operating foundation, has been central to the strengthening of the climate advocacy community and in building an inclusive, evidence-based policy debate in Brussels and across Europe.

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Nz2050 Industry
Industry & InnovationNet-Zero 2050
| 25.04.2019

Multiple pathways can take EU industries to a clean and prosperous future

Achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 for European energy-intensive industries is within reach and multiple pathways can get them there.

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People Voting In Booths

Majority of voters want political parties to tackle global warming

A new Ipsos MORI survey released on 16 April 2019 reveals that 77% of potential voters across 11 European countries identify global warming as an important criteria when deciding who to vote for in the May European elections.

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