Our resources include publications on a range of climate topics by the ECF and our partners, as well as our annual reports.


2023 annual report: Forging a green, democratic and peaceful future for all

Our 2023 annual report presents our network’s key achievements over the past year, new learnings to catalyse collective impact, and our vision for the future. 2023 not only tested our resilience but also underscored the critical importance of our mission,…

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Nz2050 Climate Law

Climate laws: Frameworks to help governments become climate neutral

A new study by Ecologic Institute analyses the national climate laws in European countries and identifies a set of common elements and good practices that can inform national climate laws and the debate on an EU climate law.

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Advocating with industry for the transition towards electrification in the EU

The ECF collaborated with eight industry bodies to form the Electrification Alliance, launching their release of a joint declaration at their inaugural event on 6 November in Brussels, Belgium. The declaration calls on EU policymakers to accelerate the uptake of…

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Nz2050 Ndcp

EU countries still have a chance to improve their climate plans

National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) represent an opportunity for EU Member States to chart their next steps on the road to a climate-secure future and to reap the economic and social benefits which come with that.

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2018 annual report: Climate solutions for the people

Thanks to the support of its funders, the ECF, as a convenor, a grant maker and an operating foundation, has been central to the strengthening of the climate advocacy community and in building an inclusive, evidence-based policy debate in Brussels and across Europe.

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