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Nz2050 Innovation
Industry & InnovationNet-Zero 2050
| 19.11.2018

Innovation can help deliver EU competitive climate leadership

A new report, “Funding Innovation to Deliver EU Competitive Climate Leadership”, led by Climate Strategy and supported by the European Climate Foundation, reveals that Europe’s current climate-related R&I investments are unfit to meet the net-zero challenge.

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Italy Square
| 27.09.2018

Fuelling Italy’s Future: How the transition to low-carbon mobility strengthens the economy

Italy could boost its economy and create 19,225 net additional jobs in 2030 through the transition from a mobility system fuelled with imported oil and diesel to one that is driven by domestically produced renewable energy.

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Nz2050 From Wether To How
Net-Zero 2050
| 25.09.2018

A net-zero emission European society is within reach but getting there starts today

Europe can reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at the latest. Not only is it technically possible: a net-zero future is likely to be very desirable, with a prosperous economy, a more resilient society, and higher levels of wellbeing.

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