Our resources include publications on a range of climate topics by the ECF and our partners, as well as our annual reports.


2023 annual report: Forging a green, democratic and peaceful future for all

Our 2023 annual report presents our network’s key achievements over the past year, new learnings to catalyse collective impact, and our vision for the future. 2023 not only tested our resilience but also underscored the critical importance of our mission,…

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ecf 2013 annual report cover

2013 annual report

The report highlights the significant contributions made by the transport, energy efficiency, and power programme, the impact at both the European Union and Member-State level, and our increasing emphasis on initiatives that cut across traditional venues in order to address long-standing barriers to change.

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ecf annual report 2012 cover

2012 annual report

The report provides an overview of ECF’s role and strategy, summarises accomplishments in each programme area over the past year, and features spotlights on activities in various programmes and geographies. It also includes an interview with COO Mayta Villafane about his vision for the ECF as a learning organisation.

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ecf 2011 annual report cover

2011 annual report

The ECF annual report for 2011 includes a description of the ECF’s objectives, role, and strategy; a list of grantees; reviews of the year’s programme activities; and spotlights on Power Perspectives 2030 and the Durban Climate Change Summit (COP 17).

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