Our resources include publications on a range of climate topics by the ECF and our partners, as well as our annual reports.


2022 annual report: Advancing climate action for a green, democratic & peaceful Europe

Europe has demonstrated extraordinary resilience in the face of continued economic and security crises. Our 2022 annual report emphasises the remarkable effectiveness of our network in making progress and maintaining high ambitions against the backdrop of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine…

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ecf 2016 annual report cover

2016 annual report: Embracing tipping points

2016 was a year of challenges and change. Together with its partners, the ECF worked hard to follow up on the success of the Paris Agreement and to ensure that Europe continued to play a leading role in turning the commitments of Paris into action.

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ecf 2015 annual report cover

2015 annual report

The report showcases the contributions the ECF made in close collaboration with a strong network of diverse partners throughout a year crowned with the successful Agreement in Paris. It is accompanied by a collection of essays focusing on key issue areas the ECF has engaged in.

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ecf 2014 annual report cover

2014 annual report

The annual report outlines the initiatives we undertook this past year to advance the transition to a low-carbon society. In collaboration with a large and diverse group of partners, the ECF contributed to important milestones in the transition at both the European and Member State levels.

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ecf 2013 annual report cover

2013 annual report

The report highlights the significant contributions made by the transport, energy efficiency, and power programme, the impact at both the European Union and Member-State level, and our increasing emphasis on initiatives that cut across traditional venues in order to address long-standing barriers to change.

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