Areas of expertise

From cutting-edge research to passionate protest, the climate community is fighting for a better quality of life and a brighter future. Learn more about the concrete triumphs that are bringing us one step closer to net-zero.



Land Use

Reducing agriculture and forestry’s emissions footprint while also maximising the ability of the land to draw down greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

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Climate change policies are becoming central in the Spanish political landscape and citizens are increasingly becoming aware of the economic and social aspects of the climate crisis. The ECF’s Spanish Programme aims to support and improve just transition policies that…

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South-East Europe

Building higher climate awareness and the know-how to conduct the transition to net-zero emissions in the South-East Europe region.

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Central Europe

Increasing public awareness and broadening climate coalition in Central Europe

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Supporting Poland’s timely development of an adequate response to the climate emergency

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Contributing to realising a low-carbon ‘Wirtschaftwunder’ ensuring sustainable jobs and a healthy and stable environment for the next generation

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Supporting climate ambition outside Europe, at country, regional, city and business levels

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Advancing domestic policies that drive emissions cuts in the real economy

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United Kingdom

Maintaining and strengthening the country’s history of strong societal consensus for decarbonisation and high environmental standards

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Industry & Innovation

Supporting policy to enable zero greenhouse gas emissions production processes and incentivise innovative models for the industry

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Moving from fossil power to renewables such as wind and solar

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Climate Planning & Laws

Winning credible legal commitments at EU and national level, underpinned by robust long-term planning frameworks

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Making Europe’s building stock fit for the net-zero greenhouse gas emissions future

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Aligning the financial system and financial flows with the Paris Agreement

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City Square With Car Traffic View From Above. City Landscape With A Quadrocopter


Reducing the impact of transport on climate, improving health and bolstering Europe’s economy

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