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Citizen engagement and cultural change

Strengthening broad-based democratic support for climate action

Faced with growing efforts by fossil fuel lobbies to stall progress, spread misinformation, and polarise debates on climate change, we need to strengthen democracy and empower citizens in support of ambitious climate action.

We partner with news, digital, and cultural organisations with the expertise to help engage, inform and inspire people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Alongside this, we’re working to expand the range of channels where climate debates take place, going beyond traditional media spaces to meet people where they are. We also work with organisations using innovative participatory methods to empower people to discuss and help shape a net-zero future, such as climate movement organisers, faith-based organisations, and citizens’ assemblies.

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Impact stories

Land, food & nature

A fairer future for farmers is a greener future

Addressing the inequities at the heart of our food system is necessary for both farmers and climate action European farmers have been taking to the streets to protest untenable levels of hardship. From increasing production costs and administrative burden to…

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Europe in the world

Radical rethink and reforms will be needed to climate-proof trade

For the first time ever, the UN’s annual climate summit dedicated a part of its agenda to trade policy. The Trade Day at COP28 in Dubai offered a much-needed focus on the role that international trade can play in the…

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Fossil free energy

Tackling energy poverty in Europe

The buildings sector is a key contributor to climate change, representing around a third of energy-related emissions in the EU. Inefficient buildings have also aggravated energy poverty, which is skyrocketing across the continent with at least 50 million Europeans living…

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