Our news covers all the latest ECF announcements, including those from our CEO and Supervisory Board, in addition to key updates on ECF initiatives and significant European and global developments towards climate neutrality. 



The ECF launches KNOCA, a unique network dedicated to democratic climate action

As citizens’ assemblies on the climate crisis gain traction in Europe, governments are increasingly recognising the insights they can bring in shaping the measures needed to tackle climate action. In face of the growing importance of citizens’ involvement and the…

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New established energy transition think tank in Turkey

The SHURA Energy Transition Centre was founded by a partnership of the European Climate Foundation, Germany’s well-known think tank Agora Energiewende and the Istanbul Policy Centre (IPC) within Sabanci University. Led by Dr. Deger Saygın, SHURA aims to support Turkey’s…

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Michael R. Bloomberg commits $50 Million to international effort to move beyond coal, reinforcing leadership on global climate action

Bloomberg’s announcement marks his first investment in efforts outside the US to decrease reliance on coal and shift to renewable, cleaner energy sources.

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Laurence Tubiana appointed CEO of the European Climate Foundation

December 20, 2016, The Hague – The European Climate Foundation today announced the appointment of Laurence Tubiana as Chief Executive Officer of the organisation, starting 1 March 2017. Dr Tubiana will succeed Dr Johannes Meier who has held the position…

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Oil Market Futures Study Wins Award

An ECF-funded study 'Oil Market Futures' and project leader Cambridge Econometrics was named winner of the category “Low Carbon Publication 2016” by the UK’s LowCVP, a public-private partnership of around 200 organisations that works to accelerate a sustainable shift to lower carbon vehicles and fuels.

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New Foundation initiative to tackle climate protection in the transport sector

Agora Verkehrswende will deliver debates, scenarios and strategies for decarbonising the German transport sector by 2050. The initiative was officially launched on 1 July. In order to achieve the German climate protection goals following the Paris Climate Change Agreement, CO2…

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The ECF welcomes the historic Paris Agreement

The historic accord agreed at the end of COP21 in Paris last weekend was a breakthrough moment in combating the worst ravages of man-made climate change to the benefit of humanity. The Paris Agreement lifted climate ambition in all of…

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Fuelling Europe’s Future Report Wins Award

An award has been given to a recent research project concluding that the shift to low-carbon vehicles is also beneficial to Europe’s economy. The project involved a range of companies investing in low-carbon technologies that were brought together by the…

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The ECF is “Key Player”, the Centre for Social Investment on how foundations leverage social impact through cooperation

A report by the Centre for Social Investment analyses how six foundation and non-profit organisations leverage social impact through cooperation. The analysts find that ECF, as a big philanthropic actor in the field of climate change in Europe, has a…

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Building a Successful Coalition

We set out to bring together a broad spectrum of constituencies (trade unions, industry and consumer groups, NGOs) in the Coalition for Energy Savings that could effectively advocate for policy change with a united voice.

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A Major Victory

Energy consumption by boilers and water heaters is responsible for 25% of all CO2 emissions in the EU, roughly the same share as emissions from road transport. In March 2013, the European Union finally approved minimum energy efficiency regulations on…

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Beyond Oil

Studies show that improvements to the internal combustion engine and weight reduction will be enough to reach the proposed standard of 95g CO2/km in 2020, while increasing hybridization will take us to 70g CO2/km by 2025.

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